To be given the opportunity to give back, actually means more to me than any swims I have personally achieved.  To encourage, cajole, nurture and sometimes shout at a swimmer to push through their limits, and to then watch them achieve their dream, is absolutely indescribable.  I cry every time I watch from the support boat or swim one of my friends to French soil.  Of course being a Channel swimmer myself, I know every emotion going through them at that “I did it” moment.  I understand and feel the hard work they have put in to be able to call themselves a Channel swimmer.  There is no cheating in the Channel, no shortcuts to get to the other side.  Just a lot of hours in the pool and the ocean alone with just your thoughts!  Here are the stories of the friends I have had the privilege of being a part of their crew.  Each achievement is truly life changing, for the swimmer and for me.  It all started with a message one Sunday evening whilst cooking the family their dinner….