Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Tracy Clark is a prolific open water swimmer from New Zealand who currently lives in the Netherlands. Clark is the latest person and first swimmer from New Zealand who has accomplished the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming.

Crewed by marathon veterans Roger Finch and Jim Clifford, she completed her 28.5-mile (45.8 km) swim around Manhattan Island in 7 hours 55 minutes in the inaugural 20 Bridges Circumnavigation Swim of Manhattan organized yesterday by New York Open Water‘s David Barra, Alex Arévalo and Dr. Rondi Davies.

Clark became the 132nd person in history to complete this famous trio of events: English Channel + Catalina Channel + Manhattan Island circumnavigation.

Clark has done an Ice Mile in 3.9°C water and a 6 hour 20 minute Strait of Gibraltar crossing with Finch. Her 3 Oceans Seven swims include an English Channel swim where the Channel Swimming Association honored her for Swimming in the Most Arduous Conditions (due to swimming in a Force 6 wind for the last 3 hours of her swim).

Results of the 20 Bridges Circumnavigation Swim of Manhattan is below.

1 Shane Moraghan 6:52:50
2 Serbo Simeoni 7:04:19
3 Colum Lavelle 7:20:38
4 Patrick McNight 7:31:32
5 Marty Filipowski 7:38:51
6 Kristy McIntyre 7:40:27
7 Jim Chiudioni 7:43:00
8 Tracy Clark 7:55:11
9 Marty Munson 8:00:45

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