Having reignited my teenage passion for swimming in my early forties and developing my love for conquering oceans, I have also discovered my passion for sharing my story and inspiring others.  Talking and swimming are two of my favourite pass times, so combining the two came completely naturally to me.  There are so many messages in sharing my experiences.  Dream big, do what you love, overcoming fears, negatives into positives, we are never too old to follow our dreams – I could go on all day!  Best to read how delegates, students and new friends have responded to my talks.

Norfolk Network - 14 June 2016

Tracy was a phenomenal speaker. We were totally immersed in her world of ocean swimming yet at the same could draw so many parallels for our businesses.  How she conquered her fears, avoiding the two legged sharks as well as the scary sea-dwelling types was incredible. It left us inspired to be brave in business and achieve our dreams – to overcome our destructive negative thoughts and negativity from others.  A truly amazing and memorable story that everyone should hear and benefit from.

norfolk network
Lucy Marks – Norfolk NetworkManaging Director
Virgin Active - 20 October 2016

Tracy came to give a talk to the members of Virgin Active about here life in Open Water swimming and here visions for her future events. I approached Tracy because I had met her in the pool via one of my lifeguards and found her story really inspiring. The talk was received really well by the members who were in awe of her achievements and the hard work and situations she had faced during her challenges. It is a privilege to have her as one of our members and we thoroughly support her on her next ventures. Looking forward to the next talk on the next challenge!

virgin active
Chloe Brown – Virgin ActivePool Manager
City College Norwich Guest Speaker - 16 November 2016 and 22 February 2017

I would like to thank you for your Guest Speaker talks to our students. Your time and commitment is very much appreciated to help develop our students’ resilience and focus to achieve their goals.

You can see the impact you had on the students from their feedback. All students said they were inspired and said they needed to be focused.

Others said:

‘Try to achieve my dream’
‘Believe in myself more’
‘Dream big’
‘Start my dreams sooner than later’
‘Loved it. Loved her’
‘Has showed me that working hard gets you where you want to be in life’
‘Actually plan my half marathon again’
‘Look into Channel swimming’

Thank you once again for inspiring us all and help our students to think big, stay focused and not to be put off by the two legged sharks! We look forward to welcoming you back in the new year.

city college norwich
Elaine Dale – City College NorwichAssistant Principal for Experience of Work - Head of Supported Learning